How it Began

While we come from New Jersey and NoVa, we started our little family in Fairfax in 2012.  The Mrs. grew up on a tomato farm in Long Beach Island, NJ--a place where grass was as rare as a garden.  They were known as the "tomato house," where they sold tomatoes and peppers on an honor system outside their little beach house.  She grew up learning how to naturally amend soil, harvesting eel grass from the bay and turkey manure from the local farms to feed their tomatoes--which grew over 6' tall!  


We brought that love for growing to our first home that we purchased in Nokesville, VA.  This small farm plot has always been a dream of the Kraus family, and we made short work of making it our own!  We now have a 700sq ft greenhouse that we built ourselves that accompanies our hydroponic and soil gardens.  We also have a small apiary on our property.  

It's always been important to us that we know where our food comes from.  Our natural artesian well feeds our gardens.  Our bees open-pollinate our plants.  We only use sustainable, eco-friendly growing methods.  Our food is organically raised and non-GMO, ensuring that our family has the best food possible.  And we pass that along to you in the plants we grow!


Everything we've done, we've done as a family.  Building, digging, growing, harvesting.  All of it!  When we grow seedings, we can't bare to thin them out.  Several years ago, we learned that replanting those we thin out led us to having double or triple the amount of plants we needed for our home.  We started raising and selling them to friends and family who wanted to start their own gardens, but didn't have the time or knowledge to get them started from seed.  Now it's our spring-time business!  

By purchasing plants from us, you're supporting a family who cares about our planet and our community. We care about how plants are raised and how we care for the Earth. We care about having food that's not only healthy, but healthy for our planet.  You're supporting a couple that has a small local business and that teaches in our community.  You're supporting a young woman who is learning to build, feed, and care for herself.  You're supporting the things that matter!