Our Happy Hens

Also known as the "Fat Bottom Girls," our hens are living the best life!  Our 18 girls, whose names include Topanga, Tia, Tamera, DJ Spinderella, Amanda, and Donna, have been a fantastic addition to our "micro-farm."  Donna and DJ Spinderella are currently trying their hand at motherhood, sitting on eggs for their first time!  So that number may be increasing soon.


They have a spacious, luxurious and predator-proofed coop with plenty of room to spread out, and an equally spacious chicken run.  However, they spend much of the day out in the pastures.  They have acres to roam, foraging for bugs, seeds, plants, and whatever else makes them happy.  

They are also given the winter to rest.  Some farms do something called "forcing," which produces environments that keep hens laying throughout the winter. We prefer to let their bodies decide what's good for them, so we do not add supplemental light in the winter.  They rest during the winter, as nature intended.  We do get some eggs, and continue selling them, but there are just fewer of them.  And that's OK with us!

On 5/10/2022, we welcomed nine new chicks to our flock!  They'll start laying before winter (fingers crossed!) and will give us green, blue, and dark brown eggs to add to our egg cartons.  They're very sweet!

At Kraus Farm, we believe in transparency.  We believe that we should know exactly where our food comes from and how it was raised.  Our girls are not food--they are our beloved family members and we treat them as such.  They're cuddled, spoiled, and given free reign of their environment to do what chickens love to do best: scratch, peck, and eat.  If you keep reading, you'll find out more about what they're fed so you know exactly what goes into any eggs you buy from Kraus farm.



At Kraus Farm, our chickens have a 100% organic, soy-free, non-GMO diet. They are fed "Scratch and Peck," a whole grain premium organic feed, as their main diet, though it is supplemented with organic fruits and veggies daily.  They are fed fodder that we grow in our greenhouse--usually sprouted peas, wheats, and other grains.  However, our chickens are not vegetarian, as they spend most of their day outdoors, grazing in the pastures around our farm.  Chickens are natural omnivores and regularly eat whatever protein they can find.  (We don't give them any, though--it's all out when they're grazing).  

**In the winter, they are also fed chicken scratch (also by Scratch and Peck), and it contains corn.  These extra carbohydrates are what allow our chickens to keep warm throughout the cold months. 

So if you love eggs and love to know exactly what you're eating, consider ordering eggs from us.  Our happy chickens are very happy and comfortably raised--living the way chickens should.