• Lindsay Kraus

Supporting Local Gardens

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

We're so lucky to have access to so many things thanks to globalization. We can order things online and get it quickly. A quick search with our best friend Google gives us most of the information we'll ever need. Stores like Lowe's and Walmart provide us with cheap options for all of our home and garden needs.

So why support our local gardens? It's so easy to shop online these days or stop off in the garden department before heading home on a grocery shop.

#1 Shop Local

Beyond the obvious reasons for keeping your community thriving by giving your money to small businesses, it's actually better for your garden to keep things local. If you're buying plants from local people, the chances are better that they're using local soil, cultivating plants that are best suited for the area, and are used to the local environment. That means your chances of growing that plant successfully once you take it home are that much better. It also means that plant is probably better suited for local pollinators and other living things in your area!

#2 Smaller Environmental Impact

When you buy locally, with people who have grown plants themselves, you are reducing the number of miles they're traveling to get to your door significantly. Big-box department stores, and many larger nurseries, source their plants from all over the country (if not internationally). This puts an enormous strain on our environment! Think about the weight of each plant, with dampened soil, and the conditions under which is has to travel. That's a lot of gas! Buying locally grown plants means they're only traveling a few miles to your door.

#3 Knowledge

Local growers know what it took to get the plants from seed to now. That means they know where their seeds came from, what's in the soil, and what's been used to treat the plants. Big Box stores and nurseries source their plants from all over; they don't know which plant came from where and what pesticides were and weren't used. Neonicotinoids are commonly used on plants, and they're extremely detrimental to our ecosystem.

#4 Community

When you purchase locally grown plants, you are supporting local farmers. You also get the benefit of meeting members of your community, gaining insight and knowledge from their experience, and making connections in the gardening community. Also, it helps our community stay green! More benefits for all.

So before you go to purchase your next home garden, consider your goals. If you want to know where your food comes from, shouldn't you know where your plants come from too?

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