While our prices may be higher than your big-box stores, please keep in mind that they are not the same!  Our tomatoes are grown right here in our greenhouse using seeds from heirloom tested and proven in this region.  These are not one-month old tomatoes; you are pre-ordering tomatoes that will be planted, replanted, and replanted again  for 4-5 months to become very large (2+ feet tall) plants ready to fruit by the time you pick them up.  These are pre-order, so we'll custom grow them for you.  We offer a few different varieties--take a look:


Red Cherry (indeterminate): Bright red, small 1 in. fruits, sweet, tangy and juicy. Grows so vigorously that it tends to outgrow some diseases. Resistant to fruit- worm and high temperatures.


Sugar Cherry (indeterminate): Sweet, delicious tomatoes grows quickly and provides huge yields of red cherry tomatoes.


Tiny Tim (determinate): These plants never fail to impress me.  A stocky plant that requires no support, this little guy is great for containers, raised beds, or in-ground gardens.  It will continue producing delicious cherry tomatoes all season, and lots of them!  Don't let the small size of the plant fool you--you'll get tons of cherry tomatoes.  I recommend this for cherry tomato lovers who don't have a lot of space because they can be planted quite close together and don't take up a ton of room, yet you get TONS from them!


Yellow Cherry (indeterminate): The most flavorful yellow cherry tomato we’ve grown. Excellent balance of sugar, tartness and depth of flavor. Pale yellow, round, 1¼ in. fruits typically borne 6 to a cluster. Large, vigorous vines provide excellent cover.


More about our sizes:

Large: Highest yields! Flowering, or ready to flower when planted. 4-6 months old

Medium: Will take off quickly when planted. 3-4 months old.

Small: Will take longer to fruit, but healthy and ready to plant! 2-3 months old.

Cherry Tomatoes