While our prices are higher than many nurseries, please keep in mind that our plants do not compare!  They are grown right here in our greenhouse in Northern VA, and they're grown just for you!  They've been planted, replanted, and replanted again to deliver you healthy, tall, productive plants by the time you pick them up in May.  They are grown from organic, open-pollinated, heirloom seeds that were cultivated right here in VA, so you know they're best suited for your garden!  Their soil is even made with the compost made from our working farm!  Check out the varieties we have below:


Anaheim Chiles: (green > red) A versatile mild pepper used fresh, canned, fried, or dried. 6-8 in. pendant fruits are borne abundantly on tall, productive, vigorous plants. [Scoville: 500-2,500]


Ancho/Poblano: (green > red) Called poblanos when fresh, the classic choice for chiles rellenos. After ripening red and then dried, they are called anchos and are used in mole, adobo, and other sauces.  Chunky fruits up to 4" long. Usually mild when green, and slightly hotter when red. [Scoville: 1,000-2,000]


Big Jim: (green > red) Large, mild, Anaheim-type peppers up to 12 in. long, on 48 in. plants. Great for stuffing. Listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest hot pepper! Good yields even under hot dry conditions. Ripe fruits hold well on the plants. [Scoville: 2,500-4,000]


Habanero: (green > red) Red-fruited habanero. Our most potent hot pepper! 1" x 1.75" long fruits. [Scoville: 250,000]


Hot Banana [Hungarian Wax]: (pale green > yellow > crimson red) Long, banana- shaped, medium-hot, spicy peppers, 1½ x 6-7 in. A very reliable and productive variety!  Great for pickling.  Our variety tends to be on the hotter side.  [Scoville: 1,000-15,000]


Hot Hatch Chile: Large and hot meaty pods can grow up to 9" long! This variety has a thick green flesh with heavy yields on a 36" tall plant [Scoville: 9,000]


Jalapeno: (green > red): The classic salsa chile. Medium-hot 1½ x 2½ in. thick-walled peppers usually harvested green, but can be left to mature to red, or removed from the plants to redden indoors. (A chipotle is a smoked red jalapeño.) A teaspoon of jalapeño vinegar is excellent seasoning for bean soups. Jalapeños filled with cream cheese and fried are a Southern specialty.  We love to use these for Cowboy Candy! [Scoville: 2,500 - 8.000]


Mild Hatch Chile: Early-maturing pepper that grows well in short seasons. Has always been the standard for an open-pollinated mild green chile. Pods are 6" long with thick fleshy walls and grow on very productive 30" plants. [Scoville: 1,000]


Serrano: (green > orange > red-orange) Attractive 4 ft. plants with pendant, thin-walled fruit (½ x 2¼ in.). Flavorful pepper, ideal for chili, salsa, hot pepper vinegar, and pickling. Very hot whether green or red. Dries easily. [Scoville: 8,000 - 22,000]



Small Peppers: 2-3 months old.  They'll take off once planted in the garden.  


Large Peppers: 4-6 months old. These are flowering, or close to it, and will give you a major head start, resulting in higher yields.

Hot Peppers