While our prices are higher than many big box stores, please keep in mind that our plants do not compare! They are grown right here in our greenhouse in Northern VA, and they're grown just for you! They've been planted, replanted, and replanted again to deliver you healthy, tall, productive plants by the time you pick them up in late spring.


They are grown from organic, open-pollinated, heirloom seeds that were cultivated right here in VA, so you know they're best suited for your garden! Their soil is even made with the compost made from our working farm! They'll be much larger and healthier than the ones you'd get from a traditional big-box nursery.


Check out the varieties we have below:


Orange Bell Pepper: (green to golden orange) Fancy, flavorful, very sweet bell pepper often featured in gourmet produce markets. 3½ in. fruits are 3- to 4-lobed, averaging 6-7 oz. Fruit stem separates easily from plant for trouble-free harvest. Choice variety for salad use. Good foliage cover of fruits. 4 ft. plants. Mosaic resistant.


Napoleon: (green to red) 6-7 in. long bells with sweet, mild flavor. Very productive, tasty thick fleshed fruit can be used fresh, dried or for frying.


Red Bell Pepper: (green to red) One of the largest and best sweet bell peppers. Sturdy 3-5 ft. plants have an excellent canopy of dark green leaves to protect the high yields of 4 in. fruits. Excellent drought resistance. Great for stuffing.


Sweet Banana (Hungarian Wax): (pale green to yellow to orange to crimson red) Heavy yields of attractive, banana- shaped peppers, 6 x 1½ in. Eaten at any ripeness stage, but sweetest when red. Great for colorful salads, frying, and freezing. 42 in. plants. Excellent choice for this area


Yellow Bell Pepper: (green to gold) Widely adapted, this is similar to the California Wonder yellow pepper. The thick-walled, golden ripe fruits average 3 x 3 in. 3 ft. plants. Does well in this region!


Small Peppers are 2-3 months old. They are established and ready for planting and will take off once they go in your garden.


Large Peppers are 4-6 months old.  They're taller, and flowering or close to flowering.  They'll give you a major head start and will result in higher yields.  

Sweet Peppers