While our prices may be higher than your big-box stores, please keep in mind that they are not the same!  


ALL of our tomatoes are heirloom varieties! 


Our tomatoes are grown right here in our greenhouse using seeds from heirloom tested and proven in this region.  They're Virginians, like us!  They've been acclimated to our area and are ready for transplant.  These babies were born in January, giving us plenty of time to establish strong root systems after being transplanted several times.  They'll be flowering, or close to it, by the time you get them!   The specialty tomatoes are our trademark; we've mastered the art of raising strong, healthy plants at a size that gives you major headstarts in the garden.  Expect your specialty tomato to be close to 2' tall upon purchase.


This year we are also offering GRAFTED tomatoes!  This is so exciting!  Science is awesome.  

What is grafting?  We take a "rootstock" tomato--an organic variety of tomato that is super hardy and resistant to soilborne diseases and super vigorous grower--and chop off the top.  We then take our favorite tomato varieties and, using special tools, attach it so that it grows into the rootstock stem.  No chemicals or hormones are involved--just good old fashioned science and horticultural knowledge.  The result? Increased resistance to diseases (by, like, a lot), better adaptation to different soils, and larger, more virgorous plants with 30%-50% higher yields.  Ummm, yes please!


Varities We're Offering This Year:

  • Cherokee Purple: [Indeterminate] beautiful, deep, dusky purple-pink color, superb sweet flavor, and very-large-sized fruit. Try this one for real old-time tomato flavor. Our favorite dark tomato and one of our best selling varieties.
  • Big Rainbow: [Indeterminate] Huge fruit up to 2 lbs.; delicious and sweet tasting, and one of the first to ripen in our garden. These tomatoes are very striking sliced, as the yellow fruit has neon red streaking though the flesh. An heirloom preserved by members of Seed Savers Exchange.
  • Pantano Romanesco: The fruit is large and deep red, with almost a purple tint. The flesh is very rich, flavorful, and juicy. An excellent tomato for home and market gardeners; very rare and delicious. Hornworms seemed to have avoided these in our gardens, but this has never been trialed officially.
  • Black Brandywine: [Indeterminate] Great-tasting tomato that is extra large in size and full of the deep, earthy and sweet flavor that has made blackish-purple tomatoes so popular. Heavy yields on a vigorous plant that does well in hot summers. We enjoyed these all summer, both fresh and in countless recipes. A great home garden variety that will surely become a favorite.
  • Kellogg's Breakfast: [indeterminate] A tasty heirloom , this beautiful orange beefsteak fruit is very flavorful and superbly sweet! Fruits often exceed 1 lb.   A good mix of solids and gels make this a delicious tomato.
  • Pineapple: [Indeterminate] Very large, up to 2 lbs each. The yellow fruit has red marbling through the flesh and is one of the most beautiful tomatoes we sell. The flavor is very sweet and fruity; good yields! A Kraus family favorite.



Large Specialty Tomatoes