While our prices may be higher than your big-box stores, please keep in mind that they are not the same!  


ALL of our tomatoes are heirloom varieties! 


Our tomatoes are grown right here in our greenhouse using seeds from heirloom tested and proven in this region.  These are not one-month old tomatoes; you are pre-ordering tomatoes that will be planted, replanted, and replanted again  for 4-5 months to become very large (2+ feet tall) plants ready to fruit by the time you pick them up.  These are pre-order, so we'll custom grow them for you.  

We offer a few different varieties--take a look:


Amish Paste: the largest sauce tomato! It produces sauce with the best flavor from coreless, top-shaped fruits that can weigh up to 12oz! Tall plants, heavy yields.  Despite it's name, it's best for making sauces.  


Brandywine: A popular tomato prized for its flavor!  Dark reddish-pink, 10-12oz fruit. Flavors are gourmet quality, and great for slices, salads, and sandwiches. These are a Kraus Farm favorite!


Cherokee Green: One of the best tasting green tomatoes anywhere!  8-12oz fruits with green flesh and green-yellow skin.  Delicious! 


Druzba: Excellent juicy sweet flavor.  Medium-sized fruits are borne in clusters of 2-4.  The fruit walls are tender, but they're resistant to fruit diseases, cracking, and blossom-end rot!  Produces a large percentage of uniform-ripening, high-quality blemish-free fruit.  Kraus Farm is most excited about introducing this new variety this year!


Granny Cantrell: Another Kraus Farm fav!  Huge 1+lb beefsteak tomatoes on strong, vigorous vines. These have incredible flavor and grow prolifically!


Heinz 1350: Round medium-sized tomatoes that are uniform-ripening and have great crack-resistance.  It's super productive with a concentrated fruit set. It's great also for processing, canning, or cooking.  Great for salads too!  We love to make our homemade ketchup from this variety.


Martian Giant: Bushy plants produce bright scarlet red, big and juicy, 8-10 oz fruit. Flavor is balanced and excellent. Martian Giant is a good choice for a main season tomato. The yield is a little late but very high.


Mortgage Lifter: A legendary beefsteak tomato! Fruits can average 2+lbs and may reach up to 4lbs! Plants are super productive and disease resistant and will keep producing for you into October. Large, slightly flattened, pink-red tomatoes are meaty and flavorful with few seeds.


Mountaineer Delight: Larger red beefsteak, sweeter flavor. Great disease resistance, fruits hold well on the vine.   This is an early maturing variety with excellent yields!  Firm and flavorful, perfect for salads, slicing, and sandwiches.  Perfect for home gardens!


Oregon Spring: Medium-sized, early, and cold tolerant.Avg. 6-7 oz. fruit. First-early harvest for cool northern or high-elevation locations. Compact plant. High resistance to verticillium wilt. Determinate.


Roma Tomato: A locally adapted strain of the Roma tomato that produces early, prolific yields of Roma tomatoes.  These are great for making salads or sauces!  Great tolerance to Septoria Leaf Spot.  Fruits about 4-5 ounces. 


Yellow Brandywine: Same great flavor as the red Brandywine, these large, slightly-ribbed beefsteaks are sweet and tangy.  Lots of people actually prefer them to the red Brandywine!  Fruit keeps well, and has large potato-leaf foliage that provides decent fruit cover.


Slicers: Heirloom variety of tomato with medium-sized round, uniform tomatoes that are great for slicing and eating!  These are great varieties for salsas.


Beefsteak: Heirloom variety of tomato with large, beefy tomatoes that are great for slicing and eating!


About our sizing:

Large: 4-6 months old, ready to start flowering (if not already!); 2-3' tall (highest yields!)

Medium: 3-4 months old; well established. 1-2' tall 

Small: 2-3 months old; ready to plant, but smaller. 6-12" tall