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Miss Amara - Dahlia Tuber

Miss Amara - Dahlia Tuber

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Miss Amara - the botanical heartthrob your garden's been daydreaming about! With luscious blooms in dreamy shades of blush pink and creamy peaches, these tubers are the equivalent of a botanical romantic comedy. Ideal for planting if you're ready to add a dash of flirtatious charm and undeniable allure to your flower beds or arrangements, Miss Amara is the tuber you never knew you needed – because who says plants can't be a little cheeky?

Color: Peachy-yellow

Height: 4'

Bloom Size: 4-6"


Terms and Conditions: 

All dahlia tubers that we offer are grown with care on our farm in Northern Virginia. We do not resell tubers from other growers or import dahlia tubers from abroad. Because of this, when purchasing from Kraus Farm, you can be sure that you will get what you order.

  • Tubers will ship around 48 hours after your order. Select heated shipping if you'd like a heat pack included with your tubers for the journey from Northern Virginia
  • Tuber sales are final, and adjustments cannot be made to your order once placed.
  • We will combine shipping for all who place multiple orders.
  • Tubers must be inspected upon arrival and any issues must be reported within 3 days of arrival.
  • We love to provide advice at Kraus Farm! If you are new to dahlias, we'd love to answer any questions you may have prior to planting or throughout the dahlia season.  However, we cannot be held responsible for gardener-related issues with growing (rotting, pests, diseases). 
  • You will receive one tuber per product ordered. Each tuber is guaranteed to have an eye and be of the variety specified. Please notify us within 3 days of delivery about any eye-related concerns, and no later than October 1 for variety concerns.

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