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Sweet Onion Seedlings

Sweet Onion Seedlings

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Enjoy a bumper crop of onions this year by letting us do the hard work!  

Our "Candy" onions are started right here in our greenhouse, then grown to transplant size so that they're ready to pop into your garden.  They're so easy to plant, and even easier to care for!  Plant, keep them watered, and let the sun do the rest.

Candy onions are a light yellow, globe shaped, and very sweet.  They store in ideal conditions for up to 3 months after harvest, though respond very well to being chopped fresh and then frozen. Pro tip: dice or chop onions and freeze in muffin tins. Then throw them in a freezer safe container for easy access to portioned home-grown onions!

To grow a full-sized onion in Northern VA, you would need to start them from seed in late fall the year before.  So if you're late to the game but still want to enjoy fresh onions this summer (and trust me, you do!), order onion seedlings.  They're as easy as popping them out of the tray and into the ground. 

Sold in sets of 25.  Photo shows actual size of the seedlings you'll receive.

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Onion Seedling Information:

Planting Time: ~March 15th

Harvest Time: early summer

Soil Conditions: well draining, rich in aged compost

Garden Depth: 8"+

Container Friendly: Yes, but you won't fit much in a pot

Spacing: 4" in row, 8" between rows


Pickup Dates: March 15th and 16th.

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