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Yukon Gold Potatoes

Yukon Gold Potatoes

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Pounds of Seed Potato

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Certified Organic Yukon Gold seed potatoes.

Yukon Gold is the most famous European-style yellow fleshed potato, renowned for outstanding flavor and dry texture. Perfect baked, boiled, mashed or fried. Our best seller. Very good keeper. Matures early, so you can use that space for warm-season plants! 

Why Should I Buy Seed Potatoes?

Seed potatoes are grown differently and harvested at different times that your grocery store potatoes.  They're taken at the optimum time for seed use, and have not been sprayed or treated to prevent sprouting.

They're also true to variety.  At the grocery store, potatoes are often mis-labeled or generically labeled and they are not typically the variety you think. A "Gold" potato, for example, can be a completely different variety that isn't suited for baking or mashing.  By planting seed potatoes, you're guaranteed to get the variety you're looking for.

How Much Do I Need?

1lb is approximately 4-5 seed potatoes, which will yield about 1-2 pounds of full-size potatoes each (depending on growing conditions and space).  Some of the seed potatoes can even be split to make more plants!

If you plant your garden in rows, you need 1 pound of seed for every 10 foot of row. If you plant in beds, you can plant more densely. A 4'x8' bed will take (2) 8' rows, or use about 1.5lbs of seed potatoes.

Seed potatoes can be planted 10" or more apart as a general rule. Figure out how much space you have, and how many potatoes you hope to grow.

Planting Advice:

  • Timing: ~March 15
  • Soil: well draining, rich with aged compost
  • Conditions: Best when planted in raised beds or pots
  • Spacing: 10"+ apart (better spacing = fewer diseases and more potatoes)

Pickup Dates: March 15th and 16th.

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